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Is Ginger going to work on Nokia 6310i (and other phones allowing midlets not greater than 30kB)?
  During the coming week, enhanced version of GT123 will be released..
How can I update timetable stored inside Ginger?
  You must install new version of Ginger.
How can I check timetable for lines A, P or N21?
  Ginger by default allows you to input only numbers, as line names. To change this, please choose Options, and Nazwa dowolna
Średnie czasy przejazdu (average time of travel) displayed by Ginger are different than those shown on the MPK web page.
  Ginger calculates Average Time of Travel as average of all travel times between given two stops. Usually it\'s the best approach and gives even better results than those shown by MPK. Unfortunately, sometimes, when route is changing (e.g. lines 15 or 107) calculated times can be too small.
What are you using to develop Ginger?
  Ginger and Brigitte are created using great IDE Eclipse. Building process is automated using Ant and Antenna(for Ginger). Code is obfuscated using Proguard.