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To check timetable of the line, you must perform the following steps (screens).

Line name and Options

On the first screen you need to write line name (usually number). By default only numeric names are accepted. To move to the next step, please select Opcje->Dalej.

Ginger remembers 10 last lines you have displayed. They are available in Opcje->Historia. Timetables that you display most often, you may make more accessible using "Blokuj" and "Blokuj wszystkie" functions. Blocked items are prefixed with "*", they are always at the beginning of the history list and they are never deleted. "Odblokuj" and "Odblokuj wszystkie" let you unblock not used items. "Wyczyść" function let you clean history.

Ginger let you search for lines that are stopping on the specified stop. This function is available at Opcje->Przystanki. Ginger will find all stops, which name contain specified phrase, ignoring the case. If the such stop name does not exist, or there are more than 10 stops, the error is displayed. If there exists only one such stop, Ginger will immediately display list of the available lines. Otherwise Ginger will display list of the stops first.

If you want to write non-numeric line name (A, P, or N21), please select Opcje->Nazwa dowolna.

If Ginger is displaying incorrect time, you can correct it in Opcje->Ustawienia zegarka (clock settings). You need to write there time offset, in format hour:minutes. The hour can be negative, when clock is fast, e.g. <em>-1:00</em>, when clock is one hour ahead. The settings are persisted, so you need to perform this operation only once for each Ginger installation.

Ginger allows choosing line from the predefined list through Opcje->Linie.

Opcje (options) contains also "O Ginger" command (About), where you can find when timetable contained in Ginger starts to be valid and Ginger's version. In case there are more than one city, all but the first one has specified prefix (e.g. Czerwonak [c] means prefix c for Czerwonak) which should be written before the line's name (line 12 in Czerwonak is c12 in Ginger).

Choice of direction

Majority of lines contains 2 routes. Ginger displays then last stop of each route, allowing you to make a choice.

Choice of the stop

On this screen Ginger displays list of the stops, including average times of travel from the first one. Using Up/Down cursors (or 2/8) you can scroll the list vertically. To confirm the selected stop, please use button 5 or Fire (if phone has one). Using Left/Right cursors (or 4/6) you can scroll the list horizontally, if stop names don't fit into display.
Touching the stop name will select it (on the phones with touch screens of course).


Please keep in mind:

  • Scroll vertically using Up/Down cursors, or 2/8 buttons.
  • Change the modes using Left/Right cursors, or 4/6 buttons. The modes are Dni powszednie (weekdays), Soboty (Saturdays) and Niedziele i święta (Sundays and holidays)
  • Scroll vertically using 1/3 buttons, when timetable does not fit into the display.
  • Display the clock using # button.
  • Additional information, associated to some departures, are marked using #, $ and * characters. Their description is available in Opcje->Info.
  • You can display list of stops of the selected route using Opcje->Przystanki command. The average times are calculated from the current stop then.
  • Starting with version 3.0, Ginger let you switch between lines, available from the given stop with two commands -  Opcje->Przesiadki and Opcje->Przybliżone przesiadki. Searching for all lines is time consuming, so please be patient for a few seconds. Opcje->Przesiadki allow you to list all lines,  available from one, given stop. It's equivalent of list of lines, displayed on the MPK web page for each stop. Opcje->Przybliżone przesiadki allow you to search for all lines available from stops with the given name (they are usually in the same area).
  • Starting with version 3.3, Ginger let you display departures of all lines on the given stop. To do this, use Opcje->Rozkład Chronologiczny.
  • Command Kierunki let you go back to "Choice of direction" screen.
  • Polecenie Linie pozwala cofnąć się do ekranu początkowego.
  • Dragging the screen up and down allows vertical scrolling. Touching the mode name will change it to the next one (on the phones with touch screens of course).